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Mimecast delivers essential web security to help keep you safer

The web is used in 91% of malware attacks and is the second-most commonly used vector for cyberattacks. It’s also the top distraction for employees at work. It’s not hard to see why web visibility and security are essential.

Mimecast Web Security protects against malicious web activity, blocks business-inappropriate websites and helps mitigate shadow IT risks caused by uncontrolled cloud app use. Easy to deploy and manage, it gives you the technology needed to keep the web safe, delivered in the most cost-effective and least complex way possible.

Mimecast Cybersecurity
Mimecast Cybersecurity

Mimecast helps you solve your key web security challenges

Mimecast Web Security is a 100% cloud security service that provides the advanced protection you need to keep the web safe, while reducing cost and complexity.

Proactive Defense

Stop web threats before they can reach your network or endpoints, a key advantage over more traditional defenses like firewalls and endpoint protection.

  • Block websites that deliver malware or are part of phishing attacks

  • Inspect content and file downloads from suspicious sites using a dynamic proxy that applies anti-virus, SSL inspection, URL categorization and static file analysis

  • Constrain compromised devices from communicating with hackers

  • Rapidly identify threats using the latest intelligence from multiple sources

Enforce Acceptable Web Use

Mimecast helps you keep employees productive on the web while protecting against sites and content that are not suitable for work.

  • Enforce acceptable web use policies to help mitigate security, legal and compliance risks

  • Apply granular web category selections to ensure policies meet specific requirements

  • Selectively apply policy to everyone, entire networks, groups and specific users

Anywhere Protection

Remote and mobile workers can pose a higher risk than those that are office-based.

  • Apply consistent security and controls to all employees and devices both on and off the network

  • Target policies to specific users no matter their location or device being used

  • Ensure minimal latency and high performance from anywhere

Mitigate shadow IT

Mimecast Web Security with Application Visibility and Control helps you see into the blind spot of uncontrolled cloud app use in your environment– a challenge that increases data security, legal & compliance, and overall cybersecurity risks.

  • See which cloud apps are being used, by whom and how often

  • Block specific apps or monitor apps to understand usage before taking action

  • Ensure consistent controls and protection no matter how apps are accessed, including mobile

  • Selectively manage app usage for everyone, groups and individuals

Visibility and Reporting

See which employees are visiting what sites to better protect against risky websites and content.

  • Get quick and simple visualization of key metrics such as top accessed domains, site categories, blocked domains and requests leading to malicious sites

  • Aid investigations with robust audit logging

  • Comply with regional regulations by selecting what log data is retained (for example, no personally identifiable information)

Protect Guest Wi-Fi

Protect guest Wi-Fi users and meet your organizational security and governance needs.

  • Stop guest network users from accessing malicious or inappropriate sites

  • Manage what cloud apps can be accessed

  • Attractive commercial model means protection is cost effective

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Email + Web Security

One System Designed To Protect The Top Two Critical Business Channels.

Mimecast has combined email and web security services to deliver a single, fully-integrated, highly cost-effective solution designed to increase visibility, simplify administration and strengthen your online security posture. Mimecast Web Security is the perfect complement to Mimecast’s email security 3.0 strategy, delivering pervasive protection at, inside and beyond the email perimeter.

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